Lil’ Bear Book Club Review – January 2017

by Must Have Boxes on January 29, 2017


Company: Lil’ Bear Book Club

Category: Kids

Cost: Board Books: USD $16.99/month, Picture Books: USD $17.99/month 

About: “Giving your kids the gift of reading.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a box with 3-4 individually gift wrapped board books or 2-3 gift wrapped picture books. The retail value  of the featured books will always be higher than the membership price. Lil’ Bear Book Club is the perfect way to enjoy bonding and reading with your child.

The Box:

Lil’ Bear Book Club is the perfect way to help develop your child’s reading skills with awesome new books every month. You can choose from board books or picture books, depending on what’s most appropriate for your child’s age. My January shipment arrived in a cute branded box with the contents carefully packaged inside. I love that each book is individually wrapped in colorful paper for your kid to open!


Night Knight by Owen Davey
Value: USD $14.01

This wonderful book is all about how bedtime can turn into a great adventure. The main character is a young boy who uses his imagination to transport him to fun and faraway lands as he’s getting ready for bed. The 32-page book is super stylized and gorgeously illustrated with a color palette of warm reds and oranges. Read this book to your child to help them get excited about their bedtime routine.

You’re a Crab! by Jenny Whitehead
Value: USD $15.26

If you’re a parent, you know how easily a child’s mood can swing. This educational 32-page  book helps your son or daughter understand how to control their moods and feelings, and turn things around if they’re having a bad day. This illustrations in this book are fun and whimsical and the story features a number of different sea creatures.


Total box value: USD $29.27

  • Night Knight by Owen Davey – USD $14.01
  • You’re a Crab! by Jenny Whitehead – USD $15.26


I love this subscription box! Lil’ Bear Book Club is a convenient and affordable way to receive awesome books that your kids will love. This service is a great value and it promotes reading and quality time between parent and child. The January shipment contained a nice duo of picture books, individually wrapped for your child to open. I can’t wait to share these  books with my young cousins!

Would your child enjoy this subscription box? Planning to sign up for Lil’ Bear Book Club? Let me know!


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Piibu Review – November 2016 – Subscription Box Reviews

by Must Have Boxes on January 22, 2017


Company: Piibu

Category: Beauty

Cost: USD $15.00/month , plus shipping and handling

About: “Healthy skin is happy skin. A monthly subscription box for Korean face masks.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a box filled with  handpicked sheet masks delivered right to your doorstep, along with the best tips, recipes, and trade secrets from skincare professionals. You will receive 8-10 Korean skincare face masks in each box like wash off masks, hand masks, feet masks, and eye masks.

The Box:

I love discovering the latest beauty trends and Korean face masks are at the top of my list. These individually packaged single use masks are an amazing way to treat your skin to an at-home spa experience. Love it! My November shipment arrived in a cute branded box with the contents carefully wrapped in tissue paper. There was also a card that described each of the featured products. Let’s check them out…


Animal Face Masks

These animal themed face masks are so much fun! The Animal Dragon Mask soothes skin and is perfect for sensitive skin and red spots. The Animal Otter Mask provides moisture to water-insufficient skin and leaves your face silky and hydrated. The Animal Tiger Mask has anti-wrinkle benefits and boosts your skin elasticity. The Animal Panda Mask has whitening properties that will brighten and restore your skin.

Assorted Face Masks

The two Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheets are super cute and have an animal design. The Pug mask is packed with an anti-wrinkle formula that firms skin. The Cat mask refreshes and soothes skin, leaving your face with a nice glow. The Fruit Mask Pomegranate Girl delivers pomegranate extract which can help your skin maintain its elasticity. Finally, the Gudetama Character Mask can help revitalize your skin.


Omg, I love Piibu! The November subscription box contained an awesome variety of Korean face masks with cute designs. My favorite mask was the Baby Pet Magic Cat Mask. I had fun pretending I was a cat for 20 minutes and my skin looked and felt great afterward. Piibu is a really great value as each face mask comes out to less than $2.00 a piece. I can’t wait to tell all of my friends about this subscription box, which is a must have for your beauty routine.

Do you love wearing Korean face masks? Planning to subscribe to Piibu? Let me know!


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Chroma Club Review – November 2016

by Must Have Boxes on January 21, 2017


Company: Chroma Club

Category: Coloring Book

Cost: USD $8.00/month (save even more with longer subscriptions!), free shipping

About: “Indie adult coloring books delivered to you door.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive an original coloring book that contains a collection of art from indie artists as well as biographical information on each one. These 16-page coloring books are the perfect blend of art, fun and challenge, with illustrations drawn by artists from around the world.

The Box:

Coloring isn’t just for kids. It has become a seriously popular past time for adults who want to relax and and display their creativity. Chroma Club is all about art therapy and it works with small and local independent artists to deliver unique content. My November shipment arrived in a mailing envelope with the featured coloring book inside. Let’s check it out…


Chroma Club Coloring Book Vol. 10

This premium coloring book features 16 pages of original artwork that’s ready for your pencils or pens. The designs range from intricate designs, to quirky images (see the cat and heart design below!) and tribal doodles. You never know what your coloring book will contain next. I had so much fun coloring these beautiful, unique pages.


I was really happy with my first shipment from Chroma Club. The indie designs are super fun and I had a great time coloring the pages. I was surprised by how relaxing and enjoyable this activity was! I’m definitely going to recommend this subscription to my friends and share my finished work on my social media channels. Chroma Club makes anyone feel like a true artist! 🙂

Are you looking for a new relaxation technique? Planning to subscribe to Chroma Club? Let me know!


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