Loved + Blessed Review – October 2014

by Must Have Boxes on October 13, 2014

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Company: Loved + Blessed

Category: Religious

Cost: USD $10.00/month, free shipping

About: “Encouragement Delivered.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a box filled with encouragement that will help you walk in faith and trust in God. Loved + Blessed is a subscription aimed at women, that can serve as a reminder to live a more joyful life. Part of the proceeds from each box are donated to assisting the homeless.

The Box

Loved + Blessed is a great way to help women feel confident and more connected to God. The October shipment arrived in a lovely pink branded box with the contents carefully wrapped inside. This month’s theme is Beauty and it’s all about encouraging women to embrace their inner beauty. Let’s check out this month’s featured products…


Mini Poster, Sticker & Scripture Card

I really love these positive mantras! Women are faced with a ton of pressure from society to look and behave a certain way. This mini-poster, sticker and scripture card are a good reminder that everyone is perfect just the way they are. These items can be hung on a wall, placed in a locker or even carried on the go.

Faith Bracelet

This cute silicone bracelet can be worn as a daily reminder to live a life filled with love and the blessings of God. The band is very comfortable and has a stretch fit, which makes sizing easy. The bright pink shade provides a pop of color and would look cute with any outfit. Overall, I like the chic, subtle design.

Compact Mirror

This adorable compact mirror is the perfect size to store in your purse or gym bag. The pink color is super feminine and there’s a surprise message when you look into the mirror. Again, I really like the positive reinforcement that inner beauty is what truly matters.

Prayer Journal

This prayer journal allows you to track your daily prayers and record if and when they’ve been answered. While I’m not personally very religious, I could see how this journal could be really useful for someone who prays often. The front cover features a pretty floral design and elastic band to keep the pages in place.


Loved + Blessed is such a unique subscription! It would make a fantastic gift for any religious woman who could benefit from a little encouragement. The October theme helped share the positive message of being confident in your inner beauty. This month’s items were very cute (especially the compact mirror), and well worth the $10 cost of the box. Loved + Blessed is a great way to connect with your faith and live a more inspired life.

Do you know someone who could benefit from Loved + Blessed? Interested in subscribing? Let me know! 


12 thoughts on “Loved + Blessed Review – October 2014

  1. Vivienne says:

    That is a cute subscription box and unique, too! Love the compact mirror.

  2. Tessa says:

    Very reasonably priced and who doesn’t need encouraging words from time to time? Especially like the mirror that says “you are beautiful!”

  3. Taylor Lee says:

    this is very unique and i think this is so cute!

  4. What a cute and unique box! I’m surprised I hadn’t heard about this subscription before now. Thank you for sharing! MUST HAVE!

  5. Joan says:

    Thanks for doing this review. Never heard of this box, so hope it’s going to last a while. I have been severely depressed and ill for 4 years. I live where there are no specialists, no programs, and get no help, I have no family, no friends, am afraid to go outside, and God has not bothered to answer my prayers. I don’t expect $10 to cure me, but maybe this little box would give me a boost in the right direction.

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      Joan, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been going through tough times. Love + Blessed is definitely a nice monthly reminder to stay strong. I’m wishing you the best!

      – KW

  6. kah628 says:

    I like this one a lot check out my review as well:

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