Degusta Box Review – October 2016

by Must Have Boxes on January 2, 2017

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Company: Degusta Box

Category: Food & Drink

Cost: USD $19.99/month, free shipping

About: Get the best value and assortment of goodies delivered to your door.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a box filled with  10 to 15 full-size surprise products every month. Get the best value and assortment of goodies delivered to your door – all for much less than you would pay in store! Your monthly payment will be collected on the 19th.

The Box

Degusta Box is one of my favorite ways to get delicious groceries delivered to my house each month. My October shipment arrived in a large branded box with the food items carefully wrapped inside. The box was really heavy, which is always a good sign! There was also a card that described each of the featured products. Let’s check them out…


Honey Bunches of Oats Honey Roasted Cereal 
Value: USD $4.00

Honey Bunches of Oats is one of my favorite cereals! It features the perfect combination of crispy corn flakes,  sweet crunchy oats and a touch of honey. Yum! This heart healthy cereal contains zero trans fat, saturated fat or cholesterol and it’s the perfect way to start your day.

Barilla Marinara All Natural Sauce and Barilla ProteinPlus Penne
Value: USD $2.08 and $1.66, total: $3.74

This tomato sauce is made from high quality, non-GMO ingredients including vine-ripened tomatoes, herbs, and extra virgin olive oil. The yummy sauce has a thick texture and rich taste. Barilla ProteinPlus Penne is packed with 17 grams of protein from all-natural vegetarian ingredients. The penne shape is perfect for soaking up sauce and it’s good for you too!

Wasa Thins Sesame and Sea Salt
Value: USD $1.90

These thin crackers are oven baked and they have a delicious, delicate crunch. Each cracker is coated with sesame seeds and a sprinkle of sea salt and contains 7 grams of whole grains. Awesome! I paired these crackers with some hummus for the perfect healthy afternoon snack.

Hometown Bagel Chicago Style Bagel Chips
Value: USD $1.25 each, $2.50 total

The Everything Bagel Chips are loaded with onion, garlic, poppy , sesame, and salt. They’re super crunchy and bursting with flavor. I like that the chips are bite sized and can be enjoyed on their own or dipped in hummus. Yum! These bags are the perfect size to stick in your lunch bag.

Crown Nut Co. Sriracha Almonds
Value: USD $1.00

These natural, locally sourced, California grown almonds are packed with flavor. The nuttiness goes so well with the heat from the Sriracha. The 100 calorie snack pack is perfectly portioned and delivers 9 grams of protein. Crown Nut Co. is an almond processor based in Tracy, California and it has been growing almonds since 1994.

La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Flour Tortillas
Value: USD $4.99

I’m obsessed with these low carb tortillas from La Tortilla Factory. These fajita size tortillas are only 45 calories each with only 4 net grams of carbs and 3 grams of proteins. Say what?! The tortillas have a wonderful flavor and texture and they taste great with grilled chicken and veggies. Yum!

Palo Popcorn Bacon Cheddar and White Cheddar Cheese
Value: USD $1.00 each, $2.00 total

Palo Popcorn is a family owned, small batch manufacturer of gourmet cheddar popcorns based in Sheboygan Falls, WI. The Bacon Cheddar flavor is made with pure coconut oil, non-GMO seed, salt, real cheddar cheese and bacon seasoning. The All Natural White Cheddar variety has a smooth, creamy taste. This popcorn tastes light and flavorful!

Lovely Candy Co. Superfruit Chews
Value: USD $1.66

These individually-wrapped chewy candies are oh-do delicious! The superfruit flavors include cranberry, blueberry, and raspberry and they’re made with no artificial ingredients or colors. This product is made in the USA and is vegan and non-GMO. Lovely Candy Co. offers confections that are consciously crafted with the best ingredients available.

Jones Pumpkin Pie Soda
Value: USD $2.00

This sugar is made with pure cane soda so it’s definitely not super healthy for you, but it tastes great! These special seasonal flavor tastes like a big piece of pumpkin pie mixed with some bubbly carbonation. It’s a fun and festive treat. Jones Soda Co. makes daring flavors of soda that you’ll love.

Energems Chocolate Energy Dark Chocolate
Value: USD $6.99

Energems provide a cleaner, tastier energy boost. These bite-sized chocolate dietary supplements are made with dark chocolate, antioxidants, caffeine, and vitamins. Three Energems is the caffeine equivalent of a large cup of coffee (133 mg caffeine) and each serving is only 50 calories.

Numi Organic Tea Mini Sampler
Value: USD $3.99

Numi offers the purest, best-tasting organic tea. This mini sampler box contains 8 individually packaged bags of tea in a variety of flavors including Aged Earl Grey™, Rooibos Chai, Breakfast Blend, Gunpowder Green, Jasmine Green, Orange Spice, Moroccan Mint, and Chamomile Lemon. This is the best way to experience Numi!


Total box value: USD $34.77

  • Honey Bunches of Oats Honey Roasted Cereal – USD $4.00
  • Barilla Marinara All Natural Sauce and Barilla ProteinPlus Penne – USD $3.74
  • Wasa Thins Sesame and Sea Salt – USD $1.90
  • Hometown Bagel Chicago Style Bagel Chips – USD $2.50
  • Crown Nut Co. Sriracha Almonds – USD $1.00
  • La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Flour Tortillas – USD $4.99
  • Palo Popcorn Bacon Cheddar and White Cheddar Cheese – USD $2.00
  • Lovely Candy Co. Superfruit Chews – USD $1.66
  • Jones Pumpkin Pie Soda – USD $2.00
  • Energems Chocolate Energy Dark Chocolate – USD $6.99
  • Numi Organic Tea Mini Sampler – USD $3.99


I have no idea how this subscription box only costs $19.99 including shipping. The total value of all of the featured items is more than double that at almost $35.00. Crazy! The October shipment contained an awesome variety of food and drink products. My favorite item from the box is the La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Flour Tortillas. I’ve already used them to make wraps and fajitas and they taste amazing. Degusta Box is an amazing way to discover new foods without having to leave your house.

Are you a foodie at heart? Interested in subscribing to Degusta Box? Let me know!


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