Bonjour Jolie Review – August 2013

by Must Have Boxes on August 19, 2013

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Company: Bonjour Jolie

Category: Time of the Month

Cost: USD $16.00/month, plus $5.00 shipping

About: “This premium subscription box is designed exclusively for women to be pampered during their period!”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a tailored shipment complete with everything you need for that time of the month, including some extra goodies like bath products and artisanal chocolates. You can specify your preferences and select up to 25 different pads, tampons, and pantyliners from top brands. With Bonjour Jolie, you’ll never have to make those late night runs to the store again!

The Box:

I’ve heard such great buzz about Bonjour Jolie, so I was super excited when my August box arrived. The large cardboard box looked unassuming, but based on how heavy it was I could tell there was a mountain of goodies inside. The contents came wrapped in pink tissue paper and the package also included a detailed card that described this month’s items. The August box proudly features products from women-owned businesses. Let’s check it out!


Monthly Supplies (Tampons, Pads, Pantyliners)
Approximate Value: USD $6.00

With Bonjour Jolie, you can select a combination of up to 25 different pads, tampons, and pantyliners each month. All of the best brands are available, including Always, Kotex, Playtex, OB, and more. The supplies arrive neatly packed in pretty paper and ready for you to use. I love that you can completely customize the supplies you receive!

Peru Silver and Stone Bracelet
Value: USD $14.00

This delicate silver bracelet is imported from Peru and carefully handcrafted by local women artisans. It’s made of alpaca silver and precious stones, such as black onyx, lapis lazuli, and mahogany obsidian. The intricate design is truly unique, giving the accessory a very earthy bohemian feel.

Leccare Lollipops
Value: USD $3.00

Here’s the perfect cure for your sweet tooth! Leccare Lollipops are handmade treats with amazing flavor combinations like Salted Watermelon and Raspberry Lemon Creme. Yum! The ingredients are simple and the flavor is anything but. The Peach Cobbler variety that I tried was absolutely delicious.

Just Add Honey Tea Company Tea
Value: USD $3.50

Just Add Honey is a small tea company based in Tucker, Georgia. Each batch of freshly ground tea is hand-blended and features bold sophisticated flavors. My favorite variety from this five bag sampler is Chocolate Delight. It tastes rich and warm, with the perfect cocoa notes. How’s that for a little southern hospitality?

Beazers Garden Organic Herbal Hand Scrub
Value: USD $2.00

Beazers Garden products provide aromatherapy to the senses, nourishment to your skin, and they’re safe to use around children and pets. The Organic Herbal Hand Scrub is all natural and made with essential oils, demerara, turbinado, and fresh herbs. The exfoliating scrub did a great job of making my hands feel baby soft!

Happy Hands Lotion
Value: USD $1.00

Developed in New Mexico which is known for its dry air, Happy Hands lotion is deeply moisturizing and non-greasy. The hand-blended shea butter cream absorbs quickly and is available in a variety of amazing scents such as French Lilac, Mandarin Clove, and Tall Cotton. My skin felt totally hydrated from the aloe vera and essential oils.

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadow
Value: USD $1.50

Scardey Cat Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadow is cruelty-free and completely free of parabens, fillers, and fragrances. The pigment can appear subtle or bold, depending on the application. This trial vial is a bronze eye shadow shade called “Y So Sirius.” The color is gorgeous and I love the shimmery golden brown tone.

Barefoot Apothecary Organic Herbal Bath Salts
Value: USD $1.00

During that time of the month, sometimes a little relaxation is needed. Barefoot Apothecary makes it easy with its blend of detoxifying scented bath salts. Each variety is specially formulated to be clarifying and rejuvenating, as well as blissfully aromatic and therapeutic. The soothing Lavendar Chamomile salts are pure heaven!

Scensibles Sanitary Bags 
Value: USD $1.00

Sensibles makes it a breeze to discreetly and easily dispose of your monthly supplies. These sanitary personal disposal bags are oxo-biodegradable scented with a contemporary pink on pink design, tie handle closure and built in antimicrobial agents. I never knew a product like this existed and I only wish I had discovered it sooner!

Advil Single Dose Packets
Value (2 packets): USD $1.25

Say bye-bye to unwanted headaches with these single dose Advil packets. Advil relieves headaches, backaches, minor arthritis pain, fevers, muscle aches and more. Each packet contains 2 tablets that each contain 200 mg. of ibuprofen. These packets are perfect to stow away in your purse for on-the-go use.


Total box value: USD $34.25

  • Monthly Supplies – USD $6.00
  • Peru Silver and Stone Bracelet – USD $14.00
  • Leccare Lollipops – USD $3.00
  • Just Add Honey Tea Company Tea – USD $3.50
  • Beazers Garden Organic Herbal Hand Scrub – USD $2.00
  • Happy Hands Lotion – USD $1.00
  • Scaredy Cat Mineral Eye Shadow – USD $1.50
  • Barefoot Apothecary Herbal Bath Salts – USD $1.00
  • Sensibles Sanitary Bags – USD $1.00
  • Advil Single Dose Packets – USD $1.25


I’m definitely impressed with my first Bonjour Jolie Box! Not only do you receive a custom order of supplies for the month, you also get a ton of incredible treats and gifts to pamper yourself with. My favorite product this month is the Barefoot Apothecary Herbal Bath Salts. The Lavendar Chamomile scent is so relaxing and perfect for unwinding after a stressful week. The $21.00 cost of the box (including shipping) is a total steal too, considering that the value of the items I received was nearly $35.00. After experiencing Bonjour Jolie, I won’t be able to go another month without it.

What do you think about Bonjour Jolie? Is a Time of the Month box something you’re interested in? Let me know!


25 thoughts on “Bonjour Jolie Review – August 2013

  1. What an amazing products!

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      I loved my first Bonjour Jolie box! I really like the idea of never having to make those last-minute trips to the store.

      – KW

  2. alonecinder says:

    I just signed up this month after being out of pads and frustrated about it. If mine is half as good as yours, I am a LIFER!!

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      These “time of the month” subscription boxes are such life-savers! I don’t know what I’d do without them. Let me know if your first box is any good (I’m positive it will be!).

      – KW

  3. Kimberly says:

    Thank you for the review! Hope to see you in my shop soon. Use the coupon code on my card!

  4. That’s worth it just for the bracelet alone!

  5. Mary says:

    I love this one! I’m definitely going to order a “time-of-the-month” box for my college sophomore! Is this the one you’d recommend?

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      A time of the month box is a perfect gift for a college student. Mary, you’re the best Mom ever. There are a ton of different time of the month subscription companies. Bonjour Jolie is the most expensive that I’ve seen but it definitely comes with the most goodies! For $21 per month, you can’t go wrong.

      – KW

  6. Lauren says:

    Wow! So many items in one box! The idea of this box is so creative…I love it!

  7. Tessa says:

    This box, while more expensive than My Cotton Bunny, also contained more goodies. I love the idea of sanitary bags (scented and anti-bacterial too) and the flavored teas sound delicious. I also like the idea that you can select your favorite supplies.

  8. katie says:

    They are not the most expensive. Juniper is $28! And leparcel is $20 but they send out half of what bonjour jolie sends out! For my money, bonjour jolie is a bargain!

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      Katie, thanks so much for sharing. You’re right! I forgot about Juniper. Bonjour Joile is $21 per month including shipping, which is a total steal.

      – KW

  9. It really looks awesome, I am crushing on that bracelet!

  10. oooh…. I like this box!

  11. Tessa says:

    I just tried the Just Add Honey mint tea and found it quite aromatic and flavorful. The label lists the steep time (3 min, 5 min, etc), which I ignored as I am not a purist, Love the assortment of flavors. Wish they added a string on the bags for convenience.

  12. Danai says:

    Can I have the bonjour jolie box only for two months? Because I don’t want to have it each month.
    thank you 🙂

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      Hi Danai – Check out the Bonjour Jolie to see the subscription lengths that are available. It’s in the FAQ section.

      – KW

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