Beauty Army Review – February 2013

by Must Have Boxes on March 5, 2013

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The Box: Beauty Army

Category: Beauty

Cost: USD $12/month, free shipping

About: “We provide our members with a new way to discover premium beauty products based on individual preferences.”

The Scoop: Each month, you can select six samples for your Beauty Army box. If you’re not satisfied with your options, simply update your beauty profile to reveal new items. You can also skip that month altogether. Beauty Army puts you in control, so you never receive samples that you don’t want. Complete product surveys and invite friends to join, and you’ll earn badges which translate to dollar savings on full-size products.

The Box:

The February Beauty Army box is all about creating the perfect look to celebrate the month of love :). I was so excited to see my sample selections! I probably updated my beauty profile around ten times in order to get the personalized product options that I wanted. I was definitely happy with the final results. Let’s dive in…


Bath & Body Works Shower Gel (Japanese Cherry Blossom)
3.0 oz sample size, value: USD $3.30

Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom is my one of my favorite scents. I own the body lotion, the perfume, you name it. When I saw the shower gel, I couldn’t resist! Enriched with shea butter, aloe vera and vitamin E, this hydrating gel pampers your skin. The scent is light and floral, combining notes of asian pear, fuji apple and ume plum (yum!). As an added bonus, this travel-sized bottle is perfect for on-the-go use.

Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste
0.8 oz., value: USD $6.20

I was impressed by the size of this large sample! Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste is infused with lemongrass essential water, sweet almond protein, white tea and more. The non-greasy, non-sticky formula nourishes and conditions all hair types. After a shower, I applied a small amount of paste to the roots of my hair for a more volumized look. I saw a bit of added oomph, but I think this product may work better for women who have short hair or chunky layers.

mark. Hook Up Lip Gloss (Honey)
0.12 oz. full size, value: USD $6.50

I received a mark. Hook Up Lip Gloss in my January Beauty Army box and totally loved the product. This soft peachy-pink Honey color is gorgeous! The formula isn’t too sticky or heavy and it kept my lips moisturized with a sheer natural-looking tint. The sleek gloss came with a hook up applicator too so it can be connected with another lip or eye product (genius!). I love the mix and match potential.

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
0.11 oz. sample size (1 pair), value: USD $3.75

Lately, I’ve been obsessing over eye gel products. I love refreshing my under-eye area after a long, stressful week. The Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels deliver concentrated doses of hydrolyzed elastin, acetyl hexapeptide, ginko biloba leaf extract, and coenzyme Q10 to reduce puffiness and other signs of aging. The patches were super easy to apply and after a ten minute treatment, my under-eye area felt firm and toned. Ahhh!

Olive Natural Beauty The Olive Bar (Lemon & Lavender)
Unknown sample size (my guess 1 oz.), value: USD $1.25

Using hand-blended organic essential oils, the Olive Natural Beauty Bar helps maintain your baby soft skin. This product is 100% natural and organic – no impurities here, ladies! The fresh fragrance, a calming mixture of lavender, lemon and lemongrass, is the perfect way to start each morning. The bar lathers well (I even used it to shave my legs) and it left my skin feeling moisturized. This is a must-have shower essential.

Enspri Ultra Collagen 
0.241 oz. sample size, value: USD $3.81

I was so excited to test this high-end skincare product! Enspri Ultra Collagen is a 100% ultra-fine marine collagen powder, free of unwanted chemicals and preservatives. Collagen tightens and improves skin texture, while shrinking pores. In other words, this miracle product does it all :).  After mixing the powder and hydrator together then applying the mask, my face looked toned. On the downside, the scent wasn’t the greatest and the full-size product is a bit pricey, retailing for USD $100.


Total box value: USD $26.37

  • Bath & Body Works Shower Gel (Japanese Cherry Blossom) – USD $3.30
  • Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste – USD $7.76
  • mark. Hook Up Lip Gloss (Honey) – USD $6.50
  • Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels – USD $3.75
  • Olive Natural Beauty The Olive Bar (Lemon & Lavender) – USD $1.25
  • Enspri Ultra Collagen – USD $3.81


My February Beauty Army box did not disappoint! For the $12 cost of the box, I more than doubled my investment. The Bath & Body Works Shower Gel and the Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste were really large samples which I can use multiple times. I loved playing with the anti-aging skincare products too (I know I’m only in my mid-20s, but it’s never too early to take preventative measures!). With the friendly price point and the ability to choose your samples, I plan to stick with Beauty Army for a while :).

What did you receive in your February Beauty Army box? What beauty product were you most excited about?


71 thoughts on “Beauty Army Review – February 2013

  1. Micha says:

    OK, you’re starting to make me think I “must have boxes” too! 🙂
    I love that some of them are reasonably priced products you can pick up without going to the department store…

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      You should sign-up for a beauty subscription box! It’s a total money-saver and I don’t purchase nearly as many full-size products each month.

      – KW

  2. -B says:

    Great review, thank you for sharing! I am definitely going to look into this box!!

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      You’re so very welcome, B. Many people don’t know about Beauty Army. It’s nearly the same price point as Birchbox but you can actually choose your samples each month. I’m glad I can spread the word.

      – KW

  3. Tessa says:

    I am impressed by your review of The Olive Bar. Any idea what retail store would sell this? Also, were you able to specify the fragrance if the Bath and Body Works gel? Thanks and keep up the fine reporting!

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      Tessa, you can purchase Olive Natural Beauty products directly from the company website at I was not able to specify the scent of the Bath & Body Works shower gel, but I believe Beauty Army offered three fragrances this month (Japanese Cherry Blossom, Twilight Woods, and Sweet Pea).

      – KW

  4. I have a short pixi cut and I loved my Dirt sample! It gives the perfect texture to my short hair. I love my Beauty Army subscription. Thanks for your great reviews!!

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      I’m so glad to hear that you loved the Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste sample. I have very long thick hair so the product didn’t do much for me. I’m sure it added some amazing texture to your pixi cut! This is my second Beauty Army box and I’m loving the brand.

      – KW

  5. I didn’t realize you got to pick your samples with Beauty Army. That’s awesome. I’ll have to check it out…

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      The ability to choose your samples is the best part of Beauty Army. Plus, you can keep updating your beauty profile until you get the selection of beauty samples that you want.

      – KW

  6. maryelyse8 says:

    I’m also crazy over my subscription boxes, Beauty Army is one of the only ones I’m NOT subscribed to, but I guess I didn’t realize you could skip the month, so for $12 that really isn’t bad at all… I may or may not be already getting 7 different monthly boxes….. Don’t judge me, they are just too magical to cancel! hahaha :] thanks for sharing about Beauty Army I think I might head over to their website right now…. 😉

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      Seven subscriptions?! What boxes do you receive? I’m sooo curious.

      – KW

      • maryelyse8 says:

        hahaha it’s so embarrassing! but I love it, so I don’t care! 🙂 I get Birchbox, Glossybox, ipsy Glambag, Conscious Box (my favorite of the non-beauty boxes, completely amazing), KlutchClub (fitness/health related products), and then my newest food boxes, Love With Food & The Goodies Company (it’s only $7 a month!!! So it feels like a steal!!!) And that’s all of them 🙂

        • Must Have Boxes says:

          Haha, you are AMAZING! Conscious Box and KlutchClub are next on my list actually. If you like those boxes you should definitely check out Blissmo. I’ve been focusing on beauty boxes so far, but I’ll soon expand to health/fitness.

          – KW

  7. This box sounds like a good deal! The Olive Bar looks interesting.

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      I was really happy with The Olive Bar. It seems amazing and it nourished my skin with a blend of essential oils. I prefer this type of soap opposed to store bought/mass manufactured brands.

      – KW

  8. glamtechie says:

    Whoa! That’s a lot of samples. Do you know if any of the boxes ship to India?

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      Thanks so much! I have many more beauty subscription boxes to share with you all in March, so stay tuned :).

      – KW

      • scorpionglow says:

        They’re fun to receive. I’ve only done New Beauty Test Tube, but it certainly allowed me to try a lot of things I would never have used on my own. It’s more expensive than the other boxes, but the products (especially some of the moisturizers and full size mascaras) are generally worthwhile. I fell in love with the moisturizers I use now and never would have found them otherwise.

        You do such thorough reviews of each product in each box, and I think that’s fabulous. Keep up the great work. =)

        • Must Have Boxes says:

          I’ve actually heard great things about New Beauty Test Tube. The price is around $40, and it’s offered quarterly right? Not a bad investment at all! I’ll try to get my hands on one soon. Thanks for the sweet comment. I love sharing my reviews with you :).

          – KW

  9. beautyexec says:

    Sounds like a great value!

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      For only $12 a month, it’s an incredible value. I definitely encourage Beauty Army subscribers to play with their beauty profile when choosing their samples. I’ve seen other people receive Beauty Army kits that we’re nearly as good. I play with my profile until I receive a nice selection of large make-up/skincare samples.

      – KW

  10. Irene says:

    You make me want to get my own box too. All the items seem to be fitting for me, except the shower gel 🙂

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      Irene, you should totally sign up! With Beauty Army, you can customize your beauty profile so you get the products that are right for you.

      – KW

  11. nyxiies says:

    Hi lovely 🙂
    I’ve nominated you for a Leibster award! Keep up the good work with your blog! xox

    You can view my article here:

    Have a great day xo

  12. Ahh, you make me want to sign up to Beauty Army! So many boxes so little time lol. Its just that one of my boxes have to slip up in a span of three months in order for me to cancel and subscribe to another. Sigh. I really want MARK gloss in my possession!

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      I know. There are so many boxes, it’s hard to keep up! I barely have enough time to review all of the on this blog. mark. products are highly recommended. I’m excited to share some of the nail polish subscription boxes with you next.

      – KW

      • Yay! Cannot wait for that! Had to subscribe via mail which I thought I did. Weird. But I’ll be sure not to skip a beat. :]

        • Must Have Boxes says:

          My blog is not hosted on WordPress’ server, so followers have to subscribe via email versus following through WordPress. I was there was an easy way to merge the two, but alas! Thanks for subscribing :).

          – KW

  13. Love the blog! Thank you for finding reversecommuter so that I now found you and your fun little boxes too!

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      Thanks! Your blog is fab too. I’m glad I was able to introduce you to beauty subscription boxes. They’re so much fun!

      – KW

  14. Allison says:

    I’ve never heard of, thanks for sharing!

  15. LovesToFly says:

    Thanx for popping by Defying Gravity! These beauty boxes look so fun. I keep planning to look for a Canadian one…then forgetting. I’m gonna do it right…now!!!

  16. I had never heard of these types of sample boxes until I started blogging, great to read these reviews as I am a little overwhelmed by how many there are out there! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Amy says:

    Is this box US only?

    • Must Have Boxes says:

      Hi Amy – For now, Beauty Army only ships within the U.S. There are plenty of other beauty subscription box companies that ship across the globe though. Any country in particular that you’re interested in?

      – KW

  18. This Beauty Box looks awesome! But overall, what do you think would be the best Beauty Box to start out with for a first-time subscriber? I’d love to know!

  19. Thanks for linking my post. I actually love this blog.. what a great idea!

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  21. I have birchbox but seeing the quality of the products (and size!) for two dollars more, definitely worth a shot!


    • Must Have Boxes says:

      Beauty Army is great and almost the same price as Birchbox. Plus, you get to choose your samples!

      – KW

      • sounds too good to be true…seeing as sometimes I get birchbox samples that I have no want or use for…

        thanks for the info!


        • Must Have Boxes says:

          Let me know if you sign up for Beauty Army. I think you’ll love it. When you’re box is ready each month, be sure to play with your beauty profile until you see the sample selection that you’re happy with. I usually update mine 5-10 times until I get the mix of cosmetics that work for me.

          – KW

  22. Lottevdmark says:

    Love your blog 🙂

  23. Thanks for leaving a comment on my site! I love your site also it is really nice!

  24. birthtoashes says:

    This Beauty Army sounds like a great idea! I may have to sign up within the next month or so! 😉

  25. jessifine says:

    Love this blog! I tried a box once, and wasn’t really happy with the products vs. money spent so I swore them off. Really love that you put up such a great, informative article. Looks like I may have to think about ordering something new!

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