ZampleBox Review – September 2014

by Must Have Boxes on September 30, 2014


Company: ZampleBox

Category: Lifestyle

Cost: Starting at USD $24.95/month for up to 6 bottles up to 100 ml, plus shipping & handling

About: “A delicious assortment of the BEST e-juice delivered monthly.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a selection of quality vaping juices with flavors that match your personal taste, flavor choices and nicotine level preference. Your custom-tailored box will include e-liquids at up to 70% off retail value. You can select from a variety of subscription packages and you have the ability to cancel at any time.

The Box:

Vaping is a relaxing, enjoyable pastime for smokers and non-smokers alike. With ZampleBox, you’ll receive a delicious assortment of the cleanest, quality e-juices on the market each month. And, juices are available in a variety of nicotine levels (0: nicotine-free, 6, 12, 18), so there’s an option for everyone. I received the GOLD level subscription which includes 11 bottles of e-juice up to 180 ml ($44.99/month). The September shipment arrived in a cool, branded box with the contents carefully packaged in drawstring bags. Let’s see what’s inside…


Bonzai Blends Sensei’s Stash: This unique, smooth blend is a mix of sweet melon and smooth vanilla. It’s the best of both worlds! 15 ml bottle, value: USD $9.99

Bonzai Blends Gu-Kake: Got birthday cake? This crazy blend is a party in your mouth. Think: cherry blossom, vanilla frosting awesomeness. 15 ml bottle, value: USD $9.99

G2 Vapor CaRnY4: The perfect flavor combination sounds something like this: vanilla, caramel, and smooth tobacco with a sweet twist. This is an award-winning e-juice for a reason. 15 ml bottle, value: USD $12.99

Omega Vape Chronos: Sometimes, complex is better. This intricate formula features luxurious white chocolate, toasted marshmallow and a hint of vanilla. 15 ml bottle, value: USD $12.00

Baked Vapes Beyond Fruit Custard: Forget traditional dessert, this liquid will be your new favorite after dinner treat. It’s a decadent custard mixed with a distinct blend of fruit with tart and citrus notes. 15 ml bottle, value: USD $13.oo

Good Life Spook Sauce: What did thousands of vapers at Vapercon 3 have to say after sampling this juice? They loved it. This spooky blend combines peaches, nectarines, butterscotch and rum to form creamy butterscotch goodness. 10 ml bottle, value: USD $6.oo

Strix Elixirs Applegasm: This fruity juice is apples on steriods. Imagine a perfectly balanced flavor profile that is a little sweet and a little tart. Forget your grandma’s apple pie; this juice is the real deal. 10 ml bottle, value: USD $5.oo

Hurricane Storm Juice Belgian Simmer Cigarette: This refined juice is perfect for smokers with a more classic palate. This juice blends a fine, elegant tobacco simmered in rich Belgian chocolate with a drop of light honey. 15 ml bottle, value: USD $9.99

Liquid Nebula Halley’s Comet: What’s more refreshing than spearmint? This organic e-juice has a classic spearmint flavor that’s equal parts fresh and minty. It has a subtle sweet flavor and feels cool to the palate. 5 ml, value: USD $12.oo

Saveur Vape Standard Vape Tater: Don’t worry, guys. This liquid doesn’t taste anything like actual tater tots. The flavor is rich and super unexpected. Think: neopolitan ice cream in smooth, liquid form. 30 ml, value: USD $22.oo

Clever Vape Mysteriously Deep: I don’t want to spoil the surprise of this liquid by describing the flavor to you. You have to try it for yourself. It is a mystery, after all… 5 ml, value: USD $8.99


Total box value: USD $121.95

ZampleBox allows you to sample delicious e-juices from different brands and the subscription price is an incredible deal. With the $44.99 GOLD subscription package, I received over $120.00 worth of quality e-juice. How awesome is that? Vaping has really taken off and I can see why. It provides smokers with a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes and non-smokers can enjoy the relaxing effects of using a vaporizer too. On the ZampleBox website, you can also purchase vaping accessories and equipment, such as all-in-one starter kits. It’s a vaper’s dream…

Do you and your friends vape? Thinking about subscribing to ZampleBox? Let me know!


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Helene Jewelry Box Review – September 2014 + EXCLUSIVE COUPON CODE!

by Must Have Boxes on September 26, 2014


Company: Helene Jewelry Box

Category: Jewelry

Cost: USD $25.00/month, free shipping (Use the code MUSTHAVE to receive 33% off the 3 month and 6 month subscriptions!)

About: “Jewelry for those of us who love mixing color and texture with a contemporary bohemian vibe. ”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a gorgeous piece of jewelry with a retail value between $50-$125. Helene Jewelry takes the guess work out of accessorizing by sending you fun, feminine and unforgettable pieces. Save time and stay updated with the latest trends.

The Box:

I’ve always loved the stylish jewelry from Helene Jewelry Box. Helene delivers the latest on-trend accessories to keep your wardrobe looking fresh. The September shipment arrived in a small branded box with the contents carefully wrapped inside. I also loved the Fall Favorites trend board included in the box which provided some fabulous fashion inspiration. Let’s check out the jewelry…


Woven Leather Bracelet in Violet 

This gorgeous bracelet features a genuine dyed leather woven through an elegant brass gold-plated bangle. The bracelet has a sleek, classic shape and the eye-catching violet leather provides some serious edge. Bold jewelry is really on-trend right now and this color combination plays well with a fall color palette. I could definitely picture wearing this piece with a form-fitting wrap sweater, leggings and ankle boots.

Bonus: Friendship Bracelet 

As an unexpectied bonus this month, the Helene Jewelry Box included a special appreciation gift for customers. This accessory puts an adult spin on the classic friendship bracelet. The bracelet features two-tone purple string tied around a delicate gold-colored ring. The piece has a sweet, bohemian vibe and would look great paired with a maxi dress.


Helene Jewelry Box promises to deliver high-quality, trendy jewelry and this month’s shipment delivered. The Woven Leather Bracelet in Violet has the perfect blend of sophistication and edge and it would look amazing paired with a fall wardrobe. I love that Helene Jewelry Box sends accessories that are suited for your unique, personal style. What do you think of this jewelry subscription box? Let me know!

Remember to use the code MUSTHAVE to receive 33% off the 3 month and 6 month subscriptions!


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Best Club Period Review – September 2014

by Must Have Boxes on September 25, 2014


Company: Best Club Period

Category: Time of the Month

Cost: USD $15.00/month, plus shipping & handling

About: “Tired of always having to pick up supplies at the store? Your solution is here.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a shipment that’s packed with everything you need for that time of the month, as well as some extra goodies to make you look and feel your best. Your Best Club Membership includes 29 products, including tampons, pads, panty liners, razors and organic tea. Don’t get caught off guard; always be prepared with Best Club Period.

The Box:

I love Time of the Month clubs because they help ensure that you always have those much-needed supplies on hand. This subscription delivers a convenient package to your doorstep each month that’s filled with everything you need, plus a little extra. My September shipment arrived in a branded box with the contents carefully wrapped inside. Let’s check it out!


Tampons and Pads

The box contained tampons in regular (10) and super (5) sizes from well-known brands like Kotex and Always. These high-absorpancy cotton tampons prevent leaks and feature a plastic applicator with a comfortable curve at the tip. There was also a collection of individually-wrapped pads (5) and panty liners (5) for night time use.


These Sexy Leg Razors have five blades and a hydrating lubrication strip to help replenish your skin’s moisture. The rubberized grip makes these razors easy to hold and allows for a silky smooth shave. This product is made in America and it comes with a plastic cap to keep the blades clean.


I wish I had discovered these Traditional Medicinals teas sooner! The Organic PMS Tea helps support a good mood by easing irritability, tension and discomfort. The tea features a combination of herbs, like skullcap and lemon balm, and it has a sweet, cinnamon flavor. The Organic Healthy Cycle Tea delivers herbal tonics that gently support and nurture you. I really enjoyed the herbal citrus and mint taste.


Best Club Period is awesome! The subscription included all the supplies I needed for that time of the month and it featured quality tampon and pad brands. I also appreciated the extra pick-me-ups, including the razor duo and mood calming tea (so relaxing!). This convenient box makes your monthly period a little more enjoyable and it is a great gift for any woman. What’s not to love?

What do you think about Best Club Period? Is a Time of the Month box something you’re interested in? Let me know!


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