Tea Box Express Review – October 2014 + EXCLUSIVE COUPON CODE!

by Must Have Boxes on September 14, 2014


Company: Tea Box Express 

Category: Food & Drink

Cost: USD $25.00/month, plus $5.99 shipping  (Use the code MUSTHAVE20 to receive 20% off your first month!)

About: “Receive quality tea and fun accessories every month!”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive high-quality whole leaf tea, either in loose leaf or pyramid bag form, from popular brands. Your Tea Box Express package will also include three or four tea-related accessories such as an infuser or yummy snack to enjoy with your afternoon cup of tea. Tea lovers rejoice!

The Box:

I always start my morning with a cup of tea, so I was thrilled to receive an advance shipment of the October Tea Box Express. This subscription makes it easy to discover unique teas and accessories that will enhance your tea drinking experience. I received a branded box with the contents carefully wrapped inside. The October theme is “Bee Happy” (so cute!). Let’s see what’s inside…


Teapot Honey Dipper & Teaspoon Rest
Value: USD $3.75 & $5.00 (estimated)

These tea accessories are awesome! I’ve always wanted a honey dipper that can drip just the right amount honey into my cup. This whimsical dipper is made from durable stainless steel and features a cute teapot design. Equally useful is the yellow ceramic teaspoon rest that’s shaped like a mini teapot. The teaspoon rest is also a great place to put your used tea bags too.

Savannah Bee Company Honey 
Value: USD $5.50

The perfect honey can really bring a cup of tea to life! Savannah Bee Company Tea Honey is 100% pure varietal honey that’s KSA Kosher Certified. Made in the Southeastern United States, this product features a proprietary blend of light, bright honeys. The taste is is sweet, subtle and oh-so delicious!

Teatulia Black Tea
Value: USD $8.99

This gorgeous box of tea contains 16 corn silk pyramid teabags, each filled with exquisite whole leaf black tea. Each bag allows the leaves to infuse completely and it can be brewed 2 or 3 times. The 100% organic tea comes direct from Bangladesh and it features small black tea leaves with golden tips. I enjoyed the fresh taste and sweet finish.

The Decorated Cookie Company Bumble Bee Shortbread Cookie
Value: USD $5.63

You can’t truly enjoy a cup of tea unless you have something sweet to go with it too! This huge 5″ long shortbread cookie features an adorable bee design. The cookie has a rich, buttery flavor pairs perfectly with the layer of colorful, royal icing. This scrumptious cookie is made in the USA with high-quality ingredients and hand-decorated by an icing artist. Delicious!


Total box value: USD $28.87

  • Teapot Honey Dipper – USD $3.75
  • Teaspoon Rest – USD $5.00
  • Savannah Bee Company Honey – USD $5.50
  • Teatulia Black Tea – USD $8.99
  • The Decorated Cookie Company Bumble Bee Shortbread Cookie – USD $5.63


I was so impressed with the first shipment from Tea Box Express! The “Bee Happy” theme was super cute and the featured items fit perfectly. I really liked the high quality, organic Teatulia Black Tea and the unique tea-related accessories (especially the tasty sugar cookie!). This subscription would make an amazing hostess or birthday gift for anyone who enjoys tea. Be sure to subscribe to Tea Box Express by October 1 in order to receive this awesome October box (it ships on October 15).

Remember to use the code MUSTHAVE20 to receive 20% off your first month!


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Fair Treasure Review – September 2014

by Must Have Boxes on September 11, 2014


Company: Fair Treasure

Category: Handmade, Lifestyle

Cost: USD $35.00/month, free shipping

About: “Handmade Treasures, Fairly Paid, Beautifully Crafted, & Delivered To Your Door Each Month.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive ethically sourced treasures from around the world, ranging from jewelry to candles. Each high quality, handmade item is produced by a local artist with an incredible story to tell. Fair Trade allows you to explore amazing global treasures while supporting small businesses across the globe.

The Box:

Fair Treasure is back with a delightful box of handmade, global goods! The theme of this month’s box is “Back to School” and it focuses on fun items that can enhance your weekend regimen. I like the sound of that. The September shipment arrived in a small box with the contents carefully wrapped inside. There was also a card that described each of the featured items. Let’s check them out…


MATR BOOMIE Linked Up Earrings
Value: N/A

These gorgeous silver-colored fair trade earrings are handmade from brass in India. The design features dangling circles in three different sizes that are linked together and hang from a simple hook closure. I like the shimmery, textured finish which gives the earrings a rustic, earthy look. These are definitely some statement earrings, so wear your hair up and pair the jewelry with a simple outfit. MATR BOOMIE helps small groups of Indian women from urban slums work in their homes and learn to create artisan goods from upcycled materials.

MART BOOMIE Jogi Cushion Cover
Value: N/A

Bring an old chair to life again with this colorful 100% cotton, screenprinted fabric cushion cover. This charming handmade cushion cover, made from upcycled sari fabric, features a cute wooden button closure and pom-pom lace details on the sides. This beautiful repurposed accessory fits 18″ x 18″ cushion and will add style to your home. The modern floral design is stunning and I wish I had a whole set of these cushion covers. I love that MATR BOOMIE empowers Indian women by enabling them to support their families and community.


This month’s Fair Treasure box delivered some very unique handmade, global goods. My favorite item from the September shipment is the MART BOOMIE Jogi Cushion Cover. The cover is so colorful and you can tell that there’s a rich history behind it. Whenever friends come over to my house, they always comment on the cushion and ask where it came from. I love supporting local artisans from other countries through this wonderful subscription. I can’t wait to see what Fair Treasure delivers next!

What do you think about this month’s Fair Treasure products? Interested in subscribing? Let me know!


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OishiiBox Review – September 2014

by Must Have Boxes on September 10, 2014


Company: OishiiBox

Category: Food & Drinks

Cost: USD $12.00/month, free shipping

About: “A collection of snacks, candies, and everything kawaii from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and beyond!”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a collection of handpicked snacks and anime merchandise from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and beyond! Take your taste buds on an adventure with these fun and delicious goods from the East. You can feel good about your purchase because a portion of the proceeds from each box will be donated directly to UNICEF.

The Box:

I had so much fun reviewing OishiiBox a few months ago and I was thrilled to receive the September box. Asian snacks are so tasty and this subscription makes it easy to enjoy these sweet and savory treats. This month’s shipment arrived in a plain box with the contents carefully wrapped inside. There was also a sheet that included ingredient and allergy information. Let’s check it out!



Can you say “yum?!” The Meiji Hello Panda snacks are bite-sized buttery cookies filled with strawberry cream. Each cookie also features a cute Panda cartoon :). I loved the sweet, fruity taste and crunch. Glico Pretz Roast are long thin crackers that have a delicious roasted flavor. They are super fun to eat and make a great snack!


This collection of unique Asian candy totally satisfied my sweet tooth. The candy included: a pack of strawberry chews that tasted like Starbursts (my favorite!), a small bag of gummy grape-flavored candy, a trio of caramel chews, a creamy milk-flavored lollipop, and two small hard candies. There was tons of variety and it was great to taste these yummy candies.


As an added bonus, this month’s OishiiBox also included a pretty set of chopsticks. These chopsticks are perfect for casual use and they feature a delicate floral design. Love it!


OishiiBox is one of the most original subscriptions around. If you can’t travel to another country to discover new snacks, this is the next best thing! There was a nice mix of sweet and savory treats and it was really hard to pick a favorite.  The Meiji Hello Panda cookies were probably my favorite because they reminded my of my childhood. OishiiBox would also make a fun gift. Don’t you think? :)

Do you love Asian snacks? Interested in subscribing to OishiiBox? Let me know!



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