Aroma1 Diffuser & Humidifier Review – May 2016 + EXCLUSIVE COUPON CODE!

by Must Have Boxes on May 24, 2016

Product: Aroma1 Diffuser & Humidifier

Category: Home

About: “This essential oil diffuser ionizes the air with soothing hydration, creating a therapeutic effect on your body and an aromatic environment in your home.”

Price: USD $60.00 — USE THE PROMO CODE  (MUSTHAVE) to get 50% off this product, making it only $30!

The Box: 

I’ve been using this product every night for the past week and I can’t wait to share it with you. I discovered the Aroma1 Diffuser & Humidifier through Vanity Planet, a boutique marketplace, focused on beauty, grooming, and wellness. It took me a while to decide which item to select because there were so many unique goods, ranging from facial brushes to makeup. I’ve read about the benefits of aromatherapy oils so I finally landed on the Aroma1. The product shipped quickly from Vanity Planet and it arrived in perfect condition. Let’s check it out!


Aroma1 Diffuser & Humidifier

The diffuser and humidifier arrived in a box complete with instruction manual. This product is so easy to use that you don’t even need the directions.

Simply fill the interior container with water, add a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy oil (optional), and plug it in! Soon you’ll see a fine mist rise from the top of the humidifier with a subtle scent that fills the air.

This cute egg-shaped product looks great on your bedroom nightstand or office desk. On the front panel you can set the timer (30, 60, or 120 minutes) and light option (single color, rotating colors, or no color).


I love my Aroma1 diffuser and humidifier. I purchased some lavender essential oil and use it with this product as part of my nightly bedtime routine. About 30 minutes before I’m planning to go to sleep, I’ll turn on the diffuser and the light lavender fragrance really helps me to relax and get ready for bed. As an added bonus, the room smells amazing even hours after I’ve turned off Aroma1. I also like that you can set the light colors depending on your mood. If you want to add some relaxation to your evenings then you need to order this product!

What do you think about the Aroma1 Diffuser & Humidifier? Remember to use the promo code (MUSTHAVE) to get 50% off this product!


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BootayBag Review – May 2016

by Must Have Boxes on May 22, 2016


Company: BootayBag

Category: Panty

Cost: USD $12.00/month, free shipping

About: “Don’t get caught in old undies. You no longer have an excuse.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive two pretty undies. Pick your size, your style preference, and delivery scheduled. It’s super easy! BootayBag is not only a monthly subscription but a company that reinvented the way women shop for underwear.

The Box:

BootayBag is a new subscription that helps make sure you’re never caught in old undies. I love that you can completely customize your delivery, including your panty style. I opted for a mix of styles (thong, full cut, etc.). My May shipment arrived in a cute branded pouch with the contents carefully wrapped inside. I love the fun message on the packaging! Let’s check out the featured undies…


Black and Gold Panty (Cheeky Cut)

Oh la la! This pretty panty will make you feel like a million bucks. The lingerie features a gold dotted pattern with a flattering black lace floral trim around the leg openings. Gorgeous! The cheeky cut shows just the right amount of skin on the backside too.

Hot Pink Panty (Thong Cut)

This panty is certainly a hot little number! The neon pink color is bold and feminine, and it looks great against any skin tone. The lace panels on the side are lovely and the lace trim around the leg openings looks nice too. There’s also a tiny pink bow on the waistband. The thong cut dares to  bare all!


I really enjoyed my first shipment from BootayBag.  The two featured panties are super cute and made from quality materials. Next time, I plan to select the “Thongs Only” option. My favorite undie from this month’s duo is the Hot Pink Panty. I absolutely love the bright color and it’s really comfortable too! BootayBag is a great way to keep your panty collection fresh for a low monthly price.

Do you love wearing fun and flirty panties? Planning to subscribe to BootayBag? Let me know!


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Orange Glad Review – April 2016

by Must Have Boxes on May 20, 2016


Company: Orange Glad

Category: Food & Drink

Cost: USD $25.00/month, free shipping

About: We search high and low for new tasty sweet treats to put in our Gourmet Sampling Box for you to try every month.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a delicious collection of handpicked gourmet sweets delivered right to your doorstep. Orange Glad is the perfect cure for your sweet tooth and it makes an even better gift!

The Box:

Orange Glad is my favorite way to satisfy my  sweet tooth every month. :) The May shipment arrived in a cute branded box with the contents carefully wrapped inside. There was also a beautifully illustrated guide that highlighted each of the featured products and the local artisans who make them. Let’s check it out…


The Crispery Chocolate Sprinkles Crispycakes

The Crispery makes the best Crispycakes I’ve ever eaten, hands down. These yummy desserts are super gooey and loaded with fluffy marshmallow. The layer of chocolate sprinkles makes this  even more fun to eat.  This delectable crispycake is big enough to share with the entire family, although you’ll want to keep it all for yourself. The Crispery transports you back to your childhood with the ultimate marshmallow treat.

Le Waf by Euro Snack

Oh boy! These Belgian waffles are seriously good. Maybe it’s the European pearl sugar that’s folded into the dough. It’s melted during the baking process to give the waffle an awesome caramelized, crunchy taste. I popped this dessert into the microwave for 20 seconds and it was warm and delicious. This treat is a perfect on-the-go snack and it pairs perfectly with tea or coffee.

Raley’s Confectionary Citrus Mix Fruit Rock Candies

These rock candies are almost too pretty to eat! The fruit mix features a blend of your favorite citrus fruits including lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit. Raley’s Confectionary s a family owned and operated Candy Shop that combines centuries old candy making techniques with wholesome ingredients and modern artwork.

Marlo’s Bake Shop Original Soft Bake Biscotti 

Everyone knows and loves the classic Italian soft-baked biscotti. This moist, tasty baked good from Marlo’s Bake Shop is a faithful standby that won’t let you down. It features dark chocolate-covered raisins, toasted walnuts and Guittard dark chocolate chips dusted with cinnamon and brown sugar. Does it get any better than that?

La Petite Occasion Chocolate Caramel with Pink Himalayan Salt

Chocolate Caramels are perfect for those who love that buttery caramel taste and dark chocolate. This incredible confection is made with local Hudson Valley heavy cream, Kriemhild Meadow Butter, rich dark chocolate, and a hint of pink Himalayan salt. The caramels are super creamy and have a great chewy texture. Try not to eat the entire package at once!


The April Orange Glad shipment was oh-so good! This month’s shipment was packed with a yummy collection of sweet treats from across the U.S.! My favorite product from this box is the The Crispery Chocolate Sprinkles Crispycakes. The marshmallow flavor is insane and I love the gooey texture. Orange Glad makes the perfect gift for anyone who has a sweet tooth and it’s a great way to discover new desserts.

Are you planning to subscribe to Orange Glad? What did you think about these desserts? Let me know.


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