Batterbox Review – March 2016

by Must Have Boxes on April 27, 2016


Company: Batterbox

Category: Food and Drink

Cost: 1 month plan – USD $25.00/month

About: “Receive baking supplies right to your door every month.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a box filled with a fun and crafty recipe with the tools you need to make themed cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and so much more. Even if you’re not a baker, you can follow the easy step-by-step instructions to create delicious baked goods.

The Box:

While I love spending time in the kitchen, I’ve never been much of a baker. That’s why I was so excited to receive Batterbox which includes simple instructions that anyone can follow. The March shipment arrived in a branded box with the contents carefully wrapped instead. This month’s featured recipe is for Surprise Vanilla Springtime Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. Yum! Let’s get to baking…


While the subscription box included most of the ingredients to make the cupcakes, there are a few items that I purchased separately including milk, eggs, butter, and shortening.

First, I preheated the oven and linted a cupcake pan with the cute yellow cupcake liners.

To make the cupcake batter, I whipped the room temperature butter with the sugar then added the wet and dry ingredients. Once the batter was ready, I filled each of the cupcake liners and popped the pan into the oven.

After 20 minutes, the cupcakes were ready to come out. They were a perfect golden color and smelled absolutely amazing! Ater letting the cupcakes completely cool, I cut a small hole in the center of each of them.

I placed two Jordan Almonds in each cupcake and start preparing the buttercream frosting. I’ve never made my own frosting before and it was surprisingly easy to do! After mixing the ingredients together, I added a few drops of food coloring to give the frosting a bright green hue.

The subscription box included a piping bag and tip for easy frosting. This was my first time using a piping bag so my piping skills weren’t the greatest. The frosting still has a great texture and look to it.

For the final touch, I added a marshmallow Peep on top of each cupcake. Super cute!

The best part of these cupcakes is the surprise almond “eggs” in the inside! The cupcakes were super moist and delicious.


As someone who doesn’t bake, I was really pleased with the way my cupcakes turned out! The recipe itself was really creative and very easy to follow. My  Surprise Vanilla Springtime Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting looked great and tasted even better. While I really enjoyed my baking experience with Batterbox, the box itself is a bit expensive for what’s inside. If you have some extra funds and want the convenience of a service that makes it easy to create fabulous desserts, then Batterbox is for you.

Do you love to bake? Thinking about subscribing to Batterbox? Let me know!


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Surprise My Pet Review – February 2016 + EXCLUSIVE COUPON CODE!

by Must Have Boxes on April 22, 2016


Company: Surprise My Pet

Category: Pets

Cost: 1 month plan – USD $25.00/month, 3 month plan – USD $23.00/month, 1 year plan – USD $19.00/month, plus USD $5.00 shipping & handling (Use the code MUSTHAVEBOXES to save 10% off your order!)

About: “A monthly box of dog goodies.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a box filled with 4-6 awesome toys and treats for your pet. After signing up, you’ll share the size of your pooch so you receive items that are perfectly tailored for your dog. In addition to getting great products, you’ll also be supporting animals in need as 10% of the proceeds from each box are donated to a great cause.

The Box:

Surprise My Pet is the perfect way to pamper your four-legged friend. Each month you’ll receive a box filled with premium toys and treats. The best part? There’s a “Paw for Paw” guarantee, so if your pup doesn’t like an item you’ll receive an additional product in next month’s box! My February shipment arrived in a cute branded box. Let’s check it out…


Loving Pets Puffsters Cranberry and Chicken Snack Chips
Value: USD $7.99

Your pup will go crazy over these crunchy, delicious treats. These guilt-free snacks are made in the USA and they’re less than 10 calories each, which makes them perfect for training. Puffsters are made using 100% all natural chicken and cranberries and they stay fresh in the foil-lined zippered pouch. Loving Pets uses all-natural, high quality ingredients and offers treats designed with your pet’s health in mind.

Jack for Joy Pet Toy 
Vaue: USD $10.00

The shape and feel of this pet toy will be too much for your dog to resist! Made of durable SAN, a non-toxic plastic, this durable pet toy is shatterproof and stands up to even the toughest of chewers.  There are no sharp edges on this toy and it’s fun to fetch and even easier to clean. Your dog will jump for joy for Jack for Joy.

Ry’s Ruffery Healthy Dog Peanut Butter Treats
Value: USD $6.99

I’ve been super curious about Ry’s Ruffery Dog Treats ever since I saw the product on Shark Tank. Everyone knows how much dogs love peanut butter, so it’s a good thing it’s full of natural protein and vitamin E. These vegetarian, grain-free, natural treats are made in America. I love that these treats were made by Ry (with help from his Mom) when he was only 10 years old!

Play Around Hound Tennis Ball Pack
Value: USD $5.99

Tennis balls are a classic toy for dogs. This set of four tennis balls will be your pup’s favorite toy and the bright colors are so much fun too. Toss ’em, throw ’em, and play fetch. These balls come in a variety of different sizes for all types of dogs.

Flavorit Nylon Peanut Butter Infused Chew
Value: USD $5.99

Do you have an aggressive chewer? Well, this is the toy you’ve been looking for! This nylon bone dog chew toy can be infused with yummy peanut butter! Simply fill the tiny cells on both sides of the bone with your pop’s favorite peanut butter and watch your dog have the best chewing experience ever. This toy is dishwasher saffe and made in the USA.

Handy Solutions Mini Lint Roller
Value: USD $2.49

If you have a pet, then you know how difficult it can be to manage all of the pet hair that seems to get on your clothes, furniture, and everyone else. This handy mini lint roller will help your clothes stay pet hair-free and it’s the perfect size to store in your car, your purse, or your gym bag. Love it!


Total box value: USD $39.45

  • Loving Pets Puffsters Cranberry and Chicken Snack Chips – USD $7.99
  • Jack for Joy Pet Toy – USD $10.00
  • Ry’s Ruffery Healthy Dog Peanut Butter Treats – USD $6.99
  • Play Around Hound Tennis Ball Pack – USD $5.99
  • Flavorit Nylon Peanut Butter Infused Chew – USD – $5.99
  • Handy Solutions Mini Lint Roller – USD $2.49

Surprise My Pet does not disappoint. The February shipment was packed with an awesome variety of premium toys and treats that my dog could not get enough of. My favorite product from this month’s collection is the Flavorit Nylon Peanut Butter Infused Chew.  Seriously, if you haven’t seen this product toy before, you need to check it out. My pup loved it!  This subscription box makes a great gift and it’s a wonderful value too. Do you have a dog who would love Surprise My Pet? Thinking about subscribing? Let me know!

Remember to use the code MUSTHAVEBOXES to save 10% off your order!


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Orange Glad Review – March 2016

by Must Have Boxes on April 15, 2016


Company: Orange Glad

Category: Food & Drink

Cost: USD $15.00/month, plus $4.00 shipping & handling

About: We search high and low for new tasty sweet treats to put in our Gourmet Sampling Box for you to try every month.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a delicious collection of handpicked gourmet sweets delivered right to your doorstep. Orange Glad is the perfect cure for your sweet tooth and it makes an even better gift!

The Box:

Just when I thought my month couldn’t get any better, Orange Glad delivered a collection of hand-picked sweet treats from across the U.S. My March shipment arrived in an adorable box with the contents carefully packaged inside. There was also a beautiful full color booklet that highlighted each of the featured products and shared the stories about the creators. Let’s check them out…


Theo Almond Coconut 65% Dark Chocolate Bar

This chocolate bar combines two of my favorite things: dark chocolate and coconut. Yum! I love the crunchy almonds and toasted coconut which are enveloped in smooth, rich 65% dark chocolate. This full size bar is perfect for sharing with the entire family, although I doubt you’ll want to! Theo is passionate about chocolate and changing the world.

Clairesquares Jammy Jacks

I’ve never heard of a Jammy Jack, but boy was I pleased to discover this delicious treat. Think: the taste of a traditional Irish Flapjack paired with a juicy raspberry jam center. These sweet treats are made with oats, resulting in a chewy crunchy texture. With zero corn syrup or artificial ingredients, you can feel good eating this snack.

Salem Baking Company Moravian Cookies Meyer Lemon

These flavorful citrus cookies are beyond perfect. They are bursting with the bright, zesty flavor of Meyer lemons. The cookies are thin, crispy and perfect for dipping in a warm cup of coffee. The Salem Baking Company carries on the tradition of Old World Moravian baking using the finest ingredients. Love it!

Hagensborg Chocolates Truffle Pig Piglets Chocolates 

These individually wrapped pig-shaped chocolate truffles are almost too cute to eat! The Milk Peanut Butter flavor is rich and nutty and it has a soft peanut butter center. The Milk Caramel flavor is filled with a creamy caramel center. Finally, the Dark chocolate flavor has a deep, complex taste. Hagensborg produces high quality all natural European chocolate truffles.

Three Kids and a Kitchen Original and Salted Caramels

Caramels are one of my favorite sweet treats. These melt-in-your-mouth candies are homemade and hand-wrapped in parchment paper. The sweet, chewy Original caramels are made from pure vanilla beans. The Salted caramels are dusted with a fine layer of Mediterranean sea salt that strikes the perfect sweet and savory balance.


The March Orange Glad shipment was filled with a fabulous assortment of sweet treats!. This subscription box truly doesn’t disappoint. My favorite item was definitely the Theo Almond Coconut 65% Dark Chocolate Bar. The almonds and coconut made for a sinfully delicious combination and I love that the bar is big enough to share. Orange Glad makes a great gift for anyone with a sweet tooth, and at only $15.00 per box, why wouldn’t you sign up? :)

Are you planning to subscribe to Orange Glad? What did you think about these desserts? Let me know.


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