Terra Bella Box Review – September 2015

by Must Have Boxes on October 5, 2015


Company: Terra Bella Box

Category: Beauty

Cost: Terra Bella Box Lite – USD $17.95/month (2-3 items), Terra Bella Box – USD $37.95/month (5-6 items), free shipping

About: Beauty in a box. Happiness in your hands.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a variety of 5-6 natural beauty products from local small businesses. Each featured product, from scrubs to lotions, is hand picked for its quality. Terra Bella Box makes the perfect gift for any woman in your life.

The Box:

If you enjoy discovering premium beauty products from local businesses then Terra Bella Box is for you! This is a brand new subscription company that delivers hand-picked items from face scrub to body lotion. Love it! The September shipment arrived in a pretty, branded box with the contents carefully wrapped inside. Let’s check out this month’s featured items…


Wellsmith Refreshing Bath Bombs
Value: USD $6.00

Bath bombs are a great way to soothe and relax after a hard day at work. Simply place the entire bath bomb into your bath and it will fizz, dissolve, and release oils into your bath water. The Green Tea Aloe and Lavender Vanilla scents are really lovely. Each all-natural bath bomb is made with baking soda, citric acid, and essential or fragrance oil.

Salacia Salts Exfoliating Seersucker Soap
Value: USD $10.00

I’m a total sucker for handmade soap. This high-quality exfoliating soap is made in Savannah, Georgia  and its inspired by native  Southern botanicals, the spirit of the ocean and chic coastal style. The Seersucker scent is clean and it reminds me of crisp, cool cotton. I love that this 4 oz. bar is topped with actual cotton petals too!

Herbanluxe Cosmetics Black Waterproof Vegan Mascara
Value: USD $11.99

It’s important to choose a mascara that’s long-wearing and free of harmful chemicals. This handmade waterproof black vegan mascara has a buildable formula that defines and strengthens lashes without any smudging or flaking. The best part? This product is completely free of any parabens, fragrances, petrochemicals, or mineral oils.

Olivu 426 Vanilla Sandalwood Travel Perfume Sprayer
Value: USD $5.00

Vanilla sandalwood is one of my favorite scents. The delicious blend of rich, creamy vanilla and sensual sandalwood is the perfect combination. This travel perfume sprayer is the perfect way to carry your favorite fragrances on the go. Stash this sprayer in your purse or car for touch ups on the go.

Robbins Essentials Goat’s Milk & Honey Oatmeal & Honey Lotion
Value: USD $7.50

This lotion is made with fresh goat’s milk from Whispering Pines Ranch and Organic Manuka Honey! The exclusive formula leaves skin hydrated and silky without any stickiness. The goat’s milk is packed with nutrients and naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids and the Manuka Honey protects against damage caused by bacteria.


Total box value: USD $40.49

  • Wellsmith Refreshing Bath Bombs – USD $6.00
  • Salacia Salts Exfoliating Seersucker Soap  – USD $10.00
  • Herbanluxe Cosmetics Black Waterproof Vegan Mascara – USD $11.99
  • Olivu 426 Vanilla Sandalwood Travel Perfume Sprayer – USD $5.00
  • Robbins Essentials Goat’s Milk & Honey Oatmeal & Honey Lotion – USD $7.50


I was super impressed with my first shipment from Terra Bella Box. The September shipment was filled with a variety of high quality beauty products from local businesses. My favorite item is the Robbins Essentials Goat’s Milk & Honey Oatmeal & Honey Lotion. It smells amazing and my skin looked and felt great after using the product. The total value of the products exceeds the cost of the box and this subscription would make a fabulous gift.

Do you love handmade beauty products? Planning to subscribe to Terra Bella Box? Let me know!


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Fair Treasure Review – September 2015

by Must Have Boxes on September 24, 2015


Company: Fair Treasure

Category: Handmade, Lifestyle

Cost: USD $35.00/month, free shipping

About: “Handmade Treasures, Fairly Paid, Beautifully Crafted, & Delivered To Your Door Each Month.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive ethically sourced treasures from around the world, ranging from jewelry to candles. Each high quality, handmade item is produced by a local artist with an incredible story to tell. Fair Trade allows you to explore amazing global treasures while supporting small businesses across the globe.

The Box:

Fair Treasure is back with another box filled with unique global goods. The September shipment arrived in a large box with the contents carefully wrapped inside. There were also a set of cards that describe each of the featured items in detail. Let’s check out this month’s set of handmade treasures…


Raven & Lily Alem Necklace
Value: USD $26.00 (currently on sale for $13.00)

This necklace is so pretty! This casual piece is perfect for layering and it will add a nice pop of color to any outfit. The necklace is made from woven string that is adorned with metal beads and a single metal tube in the center. I love the tassel finish on the adjustable tie too. Raven + Lily is an ethical fashion and lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering women through design.

Silver Prayers Candle Holder
Value: USD $16.00 (on sale for $8.00)

This gorgeous handmade candle holder will add some nice warmth to any room. The piece is made in India from silvered mercury glass that’s hand blown then covered with a liquid silver patina inside. Noah’s Ark International Exports is a fair trade handicraft marketing organization in Moradabad, India that helps support local artisans, many of whom are women.

Home Fires Candle Set
Value: USD $18.00 (on sale for $9.00)

Fall has certainly arrived with this lovely Home Fires Candle Set. The gift set, made in India, includes 15 cinnamon-scented tealight candles in beautiful autumn shades and three frosted class holders. Silence is a self–help project for artisans who are deaf or physically disabled and it helps them become self-sufficient and earn a living.


Total box value: USD $60.00

  • Raven & Lily Alem Necklace – USD $26.00
  • Silver Prayers Candle Holder – USD $16.00
  • Home Fires Candle Set – USD $18.00

The August collection from Fair Treasure totally brightened up my month! My home will be ready for fall with these awesome global goods from around the world. My favorite item from this month’s shipment is the Home Fires Candle Scent. The pretty tea lights smell amazing. This subscription is a great way to support local artisans and receive unique gifts that you can share with your family and friends. Love it!

What do you think about this month’s Fair Treasure products? Interested in subscribing? Let me know!


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Love + Blessed Review – September 2015

by Must Have Boxes on September 22, 2015


Company: Love + Blessed

Category: Religious

Cost: USD $10.00/month, free shipping

About: “Encouragement Delivered.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a box filled with encouragement that will help you walk in faith and trust in God. Love + Blessed is a subscription aimed at women, that can serve as a reminder to live a more joyful life. Part of the proceeds from each box are donated to assisting the homeless.

The Box

Love + Blessed is a great way to stay connected to your faith each month. The September shipment arrived in a cute pink branded box with the contents carefully wrapped inside. This month’s theme is value and it’s all about reminding you that you are valued and worthy to be treated that way. What an amazing message! Let’s check out the featured products…


Mini Poster, Reminder Sticker, and Scripture Card

Hang this poster on a wall in your office for a daily reminder that no one else can determine your value. The reminder sticker can be placed virtually anywhere to let you know that you’re worthy of love. Finally, carry the scripture card in your wallet for on-the-go inspiration.

Lovebird Key Holder

Never misplace your keys again with the adorable key holder. This key holder features a small white bird house with two removable lovebirds sitting inside. Each bird has a key ring that can hold a key. This functional and cute item will remind you of your value in God’s eyes.


I really enjoyed  the September shipment from Love + Blessed. This month’s theme really resonated with me and I think that everyone should know their own value. True self-worth comes from within. The Lovebird Key Holder is super cute and it will definitely help me keep track of my keys. This subscription box is a wonderful way to keep your religion at the center of your life through positive gifts and messages.

Do you know someone who could benefit from Love + Blessed? Interested in subscribing? Let me know! 


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