Fair Treasure Review – March 2015

by Must Have Boxes on March 22, 2015


Company: Fair Treasure

Category: Handmade, Lifestyle

Cost: USD $35.00/month, free shipping

About: “Handmade Treasures, Fairly Paid, Beautifully Crafted, & Delivered To Your Door Each Month.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive ethically sourced treasures from around the world, ranging from jewelry to candles. Each high quality, handmade item is produced by a local artist with an incredible story to tell. Fair Trade allows you to explore amazing global treasures while supporting small businesses across the globe.

The Box:

The March Fair Treasure shipment arrived in a branded box with the contents carefully wrapped inside. This month’s theme is all about springing forward and it includes products that help you lighten your load and celebrate the season. There was also a set of cards that described each of the featured items. Let’s check them out.


Olive Wood Twisted Servers
Value: USD $34.99

These gorgeous salad servers will make the perfect addition to your kitchen. The stylish serving utensils are hand-carved out of beautiful olive wood by artisans in Kenya. I really love the delicate twist detail in the handles.  Wash these serves with warm water and soap, then rub them with virgin olive oil to help preserve the quality of the wood.

Leather Accented Purselet
Value: $16.00

The Opportunity Collection is a group of artisans who were affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. This 100% cotton purselet is handmade in Thailand and helps support local community members in the developing world. It features a zip closure, keychain ring and clear ID cover. The pretty yellow trim is made from genuine leather.


Total box value: USD $50.99

  • Olive Wood Twisted Servers – USD $34.99
  • Leather Accented Purselet – USD $16.00


Fair Treasure consistently delivers unique goods from communities around the globe. The March shipment featured two beautiful products that I love. My favorite item is the Olive Wood Twisted Servers because the design is so eye-catching. The value of this month’s box is much more than the cost of the subscription which is always a plus. Fair Treasure is a great way to receive handmade gifts and support the local artisans who made them.

What do you think about this month’s Fair Treasure products? Interested in subscribing? Let me know!


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The Pantry Gourmets Bitebox Review – February 2015

by Must Have Boxes on March 20, 2015


Company: The Pantry Gourmets Bitebox  

Category: Food & Drinks

Cost: USD $50.00/month, free shipping

About: Gourmet Food Greatness, Delivered Right to Your Door!”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a selection of top American Artisan products that are hand-selected from local businesses across the USA. In addition to the 4-6 full size pantry items, you’ll also receive an assortment of delicious recipes developed by professional chefs that showcase the featured ingredients. Embark on a memorable culinary adventure with Bitebox!

The Box:

Boy, have I been looking forward to my Bitebox delivery from The Pantry Gourmets. My February shipment arrived in a large branded box with the contents carefully wrapped inside a red reusable shopping bag. This month’s theme is “Sweet & Spicy.” I’m intrigued! There was a detailed card that described each of the featured items. Let’s check them out.


Tumbador Chocolates Dulce de Chile Chocolate
Value: USD $3.33

This chocolate is to die for! The bar features 38% milk chocolate infused with toffee rice krispies, fleur de sel, and cascabel pepper. It has a great balance of salty, sweet and spicy and it’s tempting to eat the entire bar in one sitting. Tumbador Chocolates crafts its products from the finest ingredients in the word to develop unique and flavorful chocolates.

A&B American Style Pepper Sauce
Value: USD $6.00

Pepper sauce is a great condiment with a firey flavor profile. This pepper sauce features the natural flavors of Red Fresno Chili Peppers and it doesn’t contain any added sugar or artificial preservatives. Use this tasty product as a substitute for hot sauce, cocktail sauce or ketchup. It pairs perfectly with oysters and burgers.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate Break Up Potion Chocolate Sauce 
Value: USD $9.00

This is one unique and yummy pantry item! It all starts with an artisanal bourbon combined with agave, South American chocolate and Valrohna cocao powder. Use this delightful concoction to create a delicious chocolate martini or as a decadent topping over ice cream. Yum! The possibilities are endless.

Wild Friends Nut Butters Honey Sunflower Butter  
Value: USD $8.99

I love a good nut butter! This jar of 100% organic non-GMO Honey Sunflower Seed butter from Wild Friends is made from whole ingredients like sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, clover honey and sea salt. It tastes great on warm toast or used as an ingredient to make the yummiest batch of cookies you’ve ever imagined.

The Jam Stand You’re My Boy Blueberry Bourbon Jam 
Value: USD $10.00

A good jam can go a long way in bringing out the best in whatever you’re eating. This product from The Jam Stand is comprised of blueberries, sugar, bourbon and vanilla. The sweetness of the bourbon combined with the zing of the blueberries is a match made in heaven. The Jam Stand is based in Brooklyn and it  combines unique flavors.

Zukali Fire Roasted Jalapenos
Value: USD $6.95

If you enjoy all things spicy then this product was meant for you. These jalapenos are roasted by hand over an open fire, then marinated in a special blend of soy sauce, lime juice and spices. The peppers have a wonderful earthy flavor with just the right amount of heat. These jalapenos would be a great ingredient in a salsa.


Total box value: USD $44.27

  • Tumbador Chocolates Dulce de Chile Chocolate – USD $3.33
  • A&B American Style Pepper Sauce – USD $6.00
  • Dude, Sweet Chocolate Break Up Potion Chocolate Sauce  – USD $9.00
  • Wild Friends Nut Butters Honey Sunflower Butter   – USD $8.99
  • The Jam Stand You’re My Boy Blueberry Bourbon Jam  – USD $10.00
  • Zukali Fire Roasted Jalapenos – USD $6.95


This month’s “Sweet and Spicy” box totally delivered! The February Pantry Gourmets Bitebox was filled with unique artisan pantry products that will take your dishes to the next level. My favorite gourmet item from this month’s collection is definitely the Tumbador Chocolates Dulce de Chile Chocolate. The spicy sweet combination and the crisp from the rice was oh-so delicious!  This subscription makes a great gift for any foodie and it’s the perfect  way to discover flavorful new pantry items. Love it! :)

Are you a fan of gourmet pantry items? Thinking about subscribing to The Pantry Gourmets Bitebox? Let me know!


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Pet Gift Box Review – March 2015

by Must Have Boxes on March 18, 2015


Company: Pet Gift Box 

Category: Pets

Cost: USD $17.99/month, free shipping 

About: “The perfect gift for the perfect pet. Get monthly gift boxes for your Dog or Cat.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a box filled with amazing toys and treats for your pet. After signing up, you’ll describe your pet to help ensure that your furry friend gets products that they’ll love. A portion of all proceeds from Pet Gift Box is donated to America’s VetDogs,® an organization serving the needs of veterans with disabilities.

The Box:


Pet Gift Box is the ultimate way to pamper your pooch. Each box features a collection of high-quality items that are perfectly tailored for you dog’s size and gender. My March shipment arrived in a large branded box with the contents carefully wrapped inside. There was also a card that described each of the featured products. This month’s theme is Mutt Madness and it’s all about keeping your pet active. Let’s check it out…


The Bubba Rose Biscuit Co. Hoop Star Biscuit
Value: USD $3.99

This Hoop Star Biscuit is almost too cute for your pup to eat! This dog treat is made with real, wholesome, clean ingredients including cage-free eggs, natural peanut butter and wildflower honey. The Bubba Rose Biscuit Co. makes preservative-free treats in small batches in its New Jersey bakery. Your dog will absolutely love this biscuit that tastes as good as it looks.

Pride Bites Hip Sneaker Toy & Spot Spotbites Plush Basketball Toy
Value: USD $9.99 & $4.99

How adorable is this sneaker toy? Dogs love chewing shoes, and now your pooch can do it guilt-free! This safe, vet-approved toy by Pride Bites squeaks, floats and is machine washable. The plush 4.5″ basketball dog toy goes great with the sneaker and it’s made from a soft plush material that your pup will love to sink its teeth into.

Zuke’s Power Bones
Value: USD $6.99

Zuke’s treats were first created in 1995 and they’re still the perfect way to keep your dog energized and ready for adventure. These Power Bones will help keep your dog going with fast-burning carbohydrates from healthy fruits and vegetables and slow-burning coconut oil for sustained energy during exercise. These yummy treats are nutrient rich and feature whole food ingredients.

Muttz-Rrr-Ella Dental Chews
Value: USD $14.99

It’s important to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy. This 2-in-1 dental chew has dual layer technology that helps remove plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth. The treat is easy to digest, low in fat and contains real cheddar cheese which your pooch will love. These great-tasting Muttz-Rrr-Ella dental chews were a total hit!

Licks Athlete Fou-Stick Soothe
Value: USD $3.99 and $8.99

Lick’s Athlete is a high performance aid that helps maximize energy and muscle recovery for active dogs. This liquid health supplement comes in convenient individually portioned packets. FFD Pet’s Fou-Stick helps care for your pet’s paws, which can become chapped in cold weather or burnt on hot ground. Featuring moisturizing natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, beeswax and mango seed butter, this product will help protect your pet’s paws year-round.


Total box value: USD $53.93

  • The Bubba Rose Biscuit Co. Hoop Star Biscuit – USD $3.99
  • Pride Bites Hip Sneaker Toy – USD $9.99
  • Spot Spotbites Plush Basketball Toy – USD $4.99
  • Zuke’s Power Bones – USD $6.99
  • Muttz-Rrr-Ella Dental Chews – USD $14.99
  • Licks Athlete – USD $3.99
  • Fou-Stick Soothe – USD $8.99


Whoa! The March Pet Gift Box is awesome. I’m super impressed with the quality of the items that I received, ranging from nice plush toys to fancy dog treats. The total value of the shipment is nearly three time that cost of the subscription. Score! My favorite product from this month’s box is the Pride Bites Hip Sneaker Toy. It looks so cute in my dog’s mouth and he loves the squeaker. I can’t wait to see what Pet Gift Box delivers next. :)

Do you have a dog that would love to receive Pet Gift Box ? Interested in subscribing? Let me know! 


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