Splendies Review – November 2016

by Must Have Boxes on January 15, 2017


Company: Splendies

Category: Panty

Cost: USD $13.99/month (save even more with an annual subscription), free shipping

About: “A subscription of three pairs of awesome quality undies delivered to your door. It’s like a holiday every month!”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive three fun and sexy panties. Simply choose your size and Splendies will do the rest! Shipping is always free and you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Now, you can discover amazing new panty styles and brands you love without ever having to set foot in a store.

The Box:

I’m catching up on my Splendies reviews and I have a great shipment from November to share with you. I look forward to refreshing my panty collection every month with the convenient subscription. This month’s trio of underwear arrived in a cute branded mailing envelope. The fun and flirty panties were carefully wrapped in yellow tissue paper. Let’s check them out…


Blue Stripe Panty (Thong Cut)

This pretty panty features a stripe design in various shades of blue. There’s a navy blue lace trim around the waistband and leg openings which adds a feminine touch. I love the cute little bow on the front side too! The panty is a thong cut and super comfortable.

White Lace Panty (Thong Cut)

Oh la la! Any woman would feel amazing wearing this beautiful panty. The panty has a wide waistband that’s soft and stretchy. The intricate lace design features a lovely floral pattern and scalloped edges. While the design is demure, the thong cut dares to bare all on the backside.

Wave Panty (Thong Cut)

This colorful panty is really fun. It features a neon wave design that gives it a retro 60’s feeling. The bright wave pattern is accented by a bold navy blue trim on the waistband and leg openings. The thong cut panty is made from a cotton spandex blend that will keep your cool and comfy.


Splendies always makes my month a little better. The November subscription box included a nice variety of high quality panties. My favorite underwear from this month’s collection is the White Lace Panty because it looks beautiful is is super flattering. I ordered all thong cut panties, which is perfect for me. Do you know someone who would love to receive three cute panties each month for one low price? Tell them about Splendies!

Do you love wearing pretty panties? Planning to subscribe to Splendies? Let me know!


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LE COLOR MONTHLY Review – December 2016

by Must Have Boxes on January 13, 2017



Category: Nail Polish

Cost: USD $10.00/month, free shipping

About: “Totally wearable and on trend, COLOR MONTHLY sends you a new surprise polish and more every month.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a full-size bottle of Lillian Eve nail polish and a bonus product sample. All LE products are vegan and cruelty-free. You’re charged for each box on the first of the month and your box will ship 1-2 days later.

The Box:

There’s nothing I love more than mixing up my nail polish brands and wearing unique colors to match my mood. Lillian Eve makes totally wearable nail polish that’s vegan and cruelty-free. My December shipment arrived in a white mailing box with the contents carefully wrapped inside. Let’s check out this month’s featured nail polish…


The white Base Coat color applies easily and dries clear. This is the perfect way to give your nails a smooth finish before painting them. I really love the Before Sunrise nail polish. It’s a dreamy blue grey shade and has a creamy gloss finish. It’s a sophisticated, chic color for the color winter season. Best of all, the polish is completely toxin free!


Lillian Eve is quickly becoming one of my favorite nail polish brands. LE nail polish retails for $12.00 each, so this subscription box is a total steal! The December shipment included two awesome full-size products including a base coat and a creme nail polish. Before Sunrise is a gorgeous shade and I’ve already received a ton of compliments when I wore it.  Woo hoo! I can’t wait to see what Lillian Eve delivers next.

Do you love wearing high-quality nail polish? Interested in subscribing to LE COLOR MONTHLY? Let me know! 


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MunchPak Review – December 2016

by Must Have Boxes on January 9, 2017


Company: MunchPak

Category: Food & Drink

Cost: MunchPak Mini (5+ full size snacks) – USD $9.95/month, Original MunchPak (10+ full size snacks) – USD $19.95, Family Pack (20+ full size snacks) – USD $39.95, free shipping

About: “The best candy and snacks from around the world delivered to your door monthly.”

The Scoop: Each month, you’ll receive a box filled with some of the best snacks curated from around the world. You can choose from three different subscriptions and, for a more personalized experience, you can customize your package by selecting preferred and non-preferred snack types. Discover yummy new snacks from around the globe with MunchPak!

The Box

If you’ve been following my reviews for a while, you know how much I love discovering new snacks. MunchPak delivers delicious and unique snacks right to your doorstep. I received the Original MunchPack, which includes 10+ full size snacks. The December shipment arrived in a fun branded box with the snacks packaged carefully inside. Woo hoo! Let’s check out this month’s featured products…


Zapp’s Spicy Cajun Crawtators Potato Chips and Walkers Baked Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips

If you like your chips with a kick, then Zapp’s is for you! These potato chips are sliced extra thick then cooked in a kettle with pure, cholesterol-free peanut oil. The Spicy Cajun Crawtators flavor has a great spice to it, delivering a perfect taste of New Orleans. The Walkers chips are oh-so good! I love the tangy salt and malt vinegar taste and these baked chips have 70% less fat.

Wawel Strawberry & Cream Candy and Yumy Yumy Pleasant Penguins Gummy Candy

The Wawel candies taste like you’re eating fresh strawberries and cream! Each individually wrapped crunchy and delicious strawberries and cream candy is filled with juicy strawberry filling. These gummy penguin candy from Yumy Yumy is almost too cute to eat! The blue and white gummies have a bright, fruity flavor and great chew.

Pocky Cookies and Glico Milk Biscuits 

I’m not sure exactly what flavor these Pocky cookies are, but they taste great! Based on the picture is looks like a fall inspired flavor featuring apples and pumpkins. Theyclassic stick cookies with a frosting coating are so fun to eat. The Glico biscuits have a mildly sweet taste and yummy milk cream sandwiched between two cookies.

If Fruitamin Mango Delight Drink

This super sweet drink is imported from Thailand and it’s made from mango concentrate, “reverse osmosis water,” and mango pulp. It’s also fortified with vitamin A and B12, but the drink has a bit of a mushy texture. I’m not sure I’d purchase this drink on my own.

Sesame Pan Cake Snack Crackers and Caplico Marshmallows

The Sesame Pan Cake crackers have a nice balance of salty and sweet flavors. The thin snack crackers have a great crunch and I love the sprinkling of seasame seeds. Marshmallows are one of my all time favorite treats, which is why I’m kind of obsessed with these cute heart-shaped marshmallows from Caplico. The marshmallows are half strawberry and half chocolate.

Family’s Hazelnut Wafers, Swoffle French Vanilla Stroopwafel, and Oreo Soft Cookies.

The Family’s Wafers are a delicious Polish treat! They have a light crispy texture which pairs so well with the creamy hazelnut chocolate cream filling. These cookies taste great with a warm cup of coffee. The first time I visited Amsterdam, I fell in love with the stroopwafel. What’s better than this Swoffle – a thin cookie wafer with chewy, rich caramel? Finally, I was excited to try the soft Oreo cookie which has a light fluffy texture.


I absolutely loved my first package from MunchPak! The December subscription box featured an amazing variety of salty and sweet snacks, plus a mango drink. My favorite item from the box is the Walkers Baked Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips. Salt and Vinegar is my favorite chip flavor and the stronger the vinegar, the better. 🙂 MunchPak is perfect for anyone who loves to discover new and tasty snacks from around the globe. You never know what will arrive next!

Do you enjoy adventurous snacks? Interested in subscribing to MunchPak? Let me know!


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